August 13, 2008

No real significant news right now, just thought I’d pop in to say a continued thanks to everyone for the good wishes.

I can report that I take fewer and fewer of the “little white pills” nowadays. I’ve started keeping a journal of how much, if any, medication I take each day. As the dosage gets smaller, I get happier. While it’s always “there” and I can always feel it, it is much easier to deal with when not taking medication all the time. The problem nowadays is what type of seating places have. As I carried my little pillow out of Kiwanis today (they have the horrible folding chairs that my back despises!) someone said I should get a little fold up pillow. Got me thinking–I think I’ll try a stadium seat. At least it will have handles and I can carry it around easier. And, hey, it’s not a pillow! 😉 I mean, I have plenty of natural padding, it’s just the angle of the chairs that gets me! (wonder if insurance would pay for THAT?!)

Tonight is the play at church. Mike has worked long and hard learning lines, practicing his part, etc. It’ll be great to see it come together tonight. “Sammy the Shotgun” will get his starring role. YEA!

The bathroom renovation saga continues. As a leak developed from the old pipes around the old toilet, down crashed a tile in the kitchen ceiling directly below. Well, the cat just couldn’t contain his curiosity. How in the world a cat with no claws managed to jump 5 feet from the kitchen counter up into that ceiling is beyond us, but I guess there’s a lot to be said for determination. The only problem–he crashed through a DIFFERENT ceiling tile on the other side of the kitchen. Thankfully nothing was broken. But it did put the fear of God into that cat–at least for the time being. Life is never dull at Grubbs Manor, or as we lovingly call it, The Money Pit. Other than that, we HOPE this will be finished by the time we get to go on vacation in 2 weeks. Who knows? Old house, old plumbing, old problems. Every time he says: Come here. Let me show you something, then we know we’re in trouble! lol

That’s all for now. The marathon run of doctor visits will come next week, not this week as earlier reported. So we should have more news then.

Thanks again for all the cards, prayers, and well-wishes. We could not do this without everyone’s support.