July 14 2008

Monday, July 14:

We went to Dr. McGahan this a.m., and started down the road. OK, everybody’s “frustrated”, but dealing. (That includes Dr. M :-)).

It looks like 10 or 15 radiation treatments, followed by a new type of therapeutic drug. Ditch the old stuff, on to something new and improved. We are hoping that the combination of both of these things will knock it on ITS rear (somewhat like it did me) this time around. Dr. McGahan thinks the new drug may melt some of the insignificant spots, and the radiation may kick the other more painful.

On a personal note, yesterday was a HUGE turning point in pain management. The steroids have gone past “helping” and into really managing. Going out the door to church yesterday I noticed a huge difference in my movements. And I also notice a difference in energy levels because I’m not fighting that pain. WOW! Maybe I should milk it more, but I gladly vacuumed the upstairs yesterday afternoon. OK, I won’t tell you how long it took me (lots of breaks), but I DID IT!

We’re still moving on with realism, and optimism. We feel wrapped in everyone’s kindness and spirit. As children of the sixties and seventies, I can safely say “We feel the love.” Seriously, thank you all for the kind thoughts and prayers. It is the power of the many as one that takes us through these journeys.

I’ll let Mike add his take on this tonight. Love to all, Anne