Another Jordan Crossed – September 17, 2012

Hello Friends. It’s been a while, I know. There hasn’t been much news this summer. Mike and I have traveled some. We went to Chicago to a wedding, and stopped at Nashville, IN, on the way home. Fun and crafts. Whee!!!!!! We also met some friends from Martinsville in NC, near Grandfather Mountain. What a nice visit. We stayed in Linville, but managed to get around to Boone and Banner Elk, too. It was a great trip.

Why did I title this entry Another Jordan Crossed?This summer Mike and I started discussing some options for the future. I will be eligible for Soc. Sec. early retirement the end of October, and I have my 20 years with the state. Sooooooooooo, I have put in to retire at the end of October this year. I am feeling well, and I want to capitalize on that. This is exciting, but also a little frightening. Gosh, I’ve always worked. Even when I had time off from school in the summer I knew I was going back in the fall, or had classes to take during the summer. It’s a little odd to think I’ll be leaving my job and not going back to my own office. But at the same time, I have so much I want to do at home. I want to paint some more, and do as many crafts as I can. I have a room full of supplies. Time to get back to it! It’s always been my sanctuary: painting and crafting. I really do miss it since I haven’t had the time to do more than just dabble. AND, this will be in time for the holidays, so who knows what Christmas will bring this year?!

I had my 3 month check up with Dr. Smith last week. The labs came back today, and while the tumor markers are up, the progress has slowed. He said we’re doing OK for now. I will go back again in 3 months (continuing on the Megastrole for now). But I will also have a CT on my chest, to check up on the tiny spots in the lungs that he saw this past summer. Just keeping an eye on them………… I won’t pretend that doesn’t make me nervous, because we know the disease will continue to progress, but we are managing well and hanging in there. You know the saying: One step at a time; one foot in front of the other!

A dear friend of mine, Lynn Hulsey, has put me in touch with a friend of hers that has been battling cancer for years. One day this summer, when I was feeling particularly sorry for myself, I read her Caring Bridge entry. She was facing more surgery, and had to deal with so much more than I do on a daily basis. Well, that just smacked me in the face and made me realize how fortunate I am. Yes, I do have pain. But I can take medication and get through that easily. There is so much more that I do not have to deal with, like others who are fighting cancer. Yep–reading her journal smacked me into reality and said SNAP OUT OF IT! And besides, her attitude is so wonderful, she inspires me to keep on kickin’, too. 🙂

That’s all there is today. I’ll keep you posted on any news from the docs (I see Dr. Reed for my check up this week–checking on the nasty thyroid), and also on how I’m dealing with retirement. Yep, we’ll be crossing Jordan for sure. It’s time to move on and face another phase of life and another challenge. I am looking forward to it and intend to embrace it. See you all around town! (Meanwhile, fall break is coming and Siesta Key is calling us back. Wheeeeee!)