April 10, 2010

Dear Friends, I know I’ve done a lot of entries lately, but we’ve had a lot on our plates lately. I know there is so much prayer support with my friends, that I want to pass along other friends who need your thoughts right now.

First, my good friend from Martinsville, Wendy Weigel, has had ovarian cancer for several years. She has been getting progressively weaker this past month, and this week it got really bad. She passed away last night. She was able to be home the whole time, and it came quickly and a little unexpectedly. But she had been suffering quietly for a good while. I suspect it’s been worse than she’d let on to us for a good while. Please pray for her family. And also for our good friend, Debbie. She is suffering so much right now, as Wendy was her dearest friend there in Martinsville. She will miss her companionship so much. I just wish I could be there with her today. Let’s all send her prayers. (Ironically, Wendy is one of several of us that worked together that have had cancer over the last few years. It gives you pause for thought.)

Second, Mike’s sister in Cary, Dani, had a seizure last weekend. After many tests, they have found lesions on the left side of her brain. The neurologist says the shape of the lesions suggests malignancy, but they will have to be biopsied to know for sure. According to other tests it seems to be contained to that area, not anywhere else. The surgery will be next Friday. Pray for peace and calm for her right now, and for strength for the family. Fortunately we were going to be in the area at the end of the month for Frances Price’s memorial service, so had planned to spend some time with the family. This will give us a chance to visit and learn more, and to be with Mike’s mom, Ethel.

This seems to have been in the stars, for us to be going home at this particular time. Unfortunately Debbie will be in KY while we’re in VA, so we won’t see her. BUt she’ll be here in June. We can toast Wendy then.

I also have a good friend who lost her job this week, quite unexpectedly. Can’t say much right now, but I want to send some positive energy and thoughts her way. 🙂

Thanks for all good thoughts. We love you all.

OK, I can’t resist this, and I hope it doesn’t seem out of place. Don’t forget to add some laughter to your day. (Dear Wendy taught me that laughter is so special, and I know she’s smiling on us all right now.) We saw DATE NIGHT last night. We both needed a good laugh (Mike’s had a particularly rough week, which I can’t get into). But it was so funny in at least one scene that I was crying. Be sure to laugh and smile. The world IS still beautiful. And God is good.