August 4, 2008

Today’s color is pink because I’m beginning to be “in the pink” again! I hesitate to say too much–I might jinx it–but yesterday was some kind of turning point in the pain. Suddenly I was able to get by with 1/2 a pain pill and then go back to the Aleve. YIPPEE! That makes such a difference in functioning normally again. PLUS, my stomach stays upset on the prescription stuff, so maybe, just maybe, this will come to an end. WHEE!!!

OK, it’s time to ‘fess up. When I came off the steroids there was a major melt down. Again, involving that stupid vacuum cleaner. Seems to be broken or in need of major tune up. So when it didn’t work, I pitched a hissie (Yep–I’m Southern!). In fact, I think I pitched the vacuum (steroids will do that for you, lol). The irony here? I am NOT a good housekeeper, so having a fit over a vacuum cleaner is about as out of character as it gets. 🙂 Mike said he knew we’d hit a turning point this weekend when I calmly set the thing aside for him to deal with when he got home from police testing Sat. morning, instead of throwing it at him. Yep, we’re doing better at our house. The dog isn’t scared of me any more, lol! Face it folks. You have to find the humor wherever you can. And I was pretty silly, I’m sure.

Sorry, that’s not much news, but it seems tremendous to us. Everyone have a great day. We love all the notes, and thank you all again.