August 6, 2010

OK, folks. The saga continues. X-Ray and CT Scan complete! We’ll get the results next Friday (I spend all my days off with my BFF’s at GGC these days, lol). Seriously, it wasn’t too bad. The stuff they make you drink isn’t too awful (how’s that for a disclaimer). I couldn’t tell if it was coconut or orange. But the tech and I decided rum wouldn’t helped. Especially while she was searching for a vein. Just a different anesthetic, right?

By the way, I couldn’t do my yearly mammogram today. I’m 15 days short of a year, so the insurance wouldn’t clear it. sigh………….. Where is the common sense? It’s not like women do those things for the fun of it. . . . .

Thanks for all the good wishes and prayers. I felt them with me while I was there. We appreciate the good wishes and thoughts more than you know.

Now, I’m off to drink yet another glass of water. Igotta wash that dye right outa my veins!

Everyone have a wonderful weekend! Love to all. Anne