Crossing Jordan–One More Time – March 9, 2012

Time for an update. I know, it’s been 5 months. Kind of long overdue, I guess.

Well, we are crossing another Jordan. I had kept it under my hat, but Mike has told so many people I think I’d better go ahead and update everyone before it takes on a life of its own.

I had my 3 month check up Feb. 20, with a full lab work up. This time wasn’t so great. It seems the markers have risen dramatically over the last few months. Meaning the new medicine only worked for a brief period. So we have had to move on to yet another pill to try to inhibit the hormones that feed the tumors. It’s the next to the last of the options, so hopefully it will continue to work for a good while.

I will admit, I was not completely surprised. I’ve had a big change in energy levels and fatigue. Yes, I still overall feel pretty good, but the fatigue is a bit overwhelming at times. And while I’m at it I may as wel just go ahead and apologize. The fatigue does make me extremely edgy at times. Pretty sure I’ve overreacted in situations several times. I hate it, but, like when doing the chemo thing, you know something bad is coming, but you really can’t stop it coming out. Sorry, folks. It is what it is. AND, it’s my biggest clue. And as a fellow patient says: we know our own warning signals pretty well, so we listen to our bodies.

There will not be another scan for a while. Probably over the summer. At this point, since we dealing with bone disease, it would not show dramatic changes or lend more information. The markers aren’t that drastic yet. Instead we’ll take this medicine for 3 months and then do another lab work up. That will allow the meds time to start working and try to do their thing. Meanwhile, we just keep plugging along. God has a plan, and I’m working my way through this plan to see what he wants me to do. I do know this, I’m not done yet with whatever messages I have to give or friends I have to be with. So there! Take that, Mr. C. (Did I mention that I gave up Cancer for lent this year? Oh, all right. I really gave up cookies, but it’s worth a shot, right? And who gave up cookies during Girl Scout cookie season anyway? This truly is a sacrifice this year.)

On a funny note, the new medicine is sometimes used as an appetite stimulant for certain patients who are victims of a variety of conditions. It was either that or a male hormone to counteract the estrogen. Hmmmmm……….let’s see. new clothes (the previous meds were already causing weight gain, so what the heck). Or a goatee. GREAT options. But as Dr. Reed said, the testosterone could be fun. I think she meant it would be like steroids–look out world. We all know the end result of steroids: bad ass Anne! lol

OK, we’re updated. I have to admit this wasn’t news either of us wanted to hear. But we’ve adjusted and moved on. I told a very few people when we first heard (including spiritual partners and helpers) and that helped me get myself ready to let others know. I have dealt really well with this brute since it returned 4 1/2 years ago (really 5, but it wasn’t diagnosed til summer). My body has fought it hard and helped me stay strong. And it will again. I’ve made up my mind not to let trivial or unimportant things get me down any more, but rather to concentrate on having the best summer ever.

One big thing: I may be battling this disease, but I am still incredibly blessed. I have thought so much about the tornado victims this week. We all take so much for granted every day. It’s impossible to imagine what having nowhere to go would be like. Prayers go up every day. (There is a fundraiser at CHaney’s Dairy on April 6 for West Liberty victims. Please try to attend if you can.) Let me ask for prayers for some family members that are facing a crisis as well. It’s a crisis that has caused a good deal of pain, and I keep them in my prayers every day. Also, pray for my dear friend Lynn’s friends Teresa and Alison. We all have one of the best supporters in the world: Lynn. When I’m down, I call her and end up wondering why I was feeling so mopey in the first place. Laughter is the best medicine. Laughter and a tad of gossip thrown in on the side, hee hee.

Thanks everyone. God bless you all, and think positive thoughts. I am.

Love to all. Anne