February 2, 2010

Just a quick update on things right now. The last month last been good. I’ve had 17 of the Zometa treatments (that’s the bone strengthener), and have just one more to go. I will continue the Faslodex indefinitely (that’s the cancer treatment). I’m tolerating them well, and they seem to be working. My latest tumor marker came back unchanged since October. Can we get a big amen?! I told the nurse that called to go hug Dr. Smith for me. THAT got a good chuckle out of her! I’d like to have seen her deliver that message, lol.

My visit with Dr. Smith went well last week. Again, we had a long talk about taking the right amount of medication when I need it. I need to follow his directions and take pills when needed–I’m just a little (!?) stubborn and hate to take them. But I’m learning to go with the flow. Just be aware, if you’re near me. Sometimes they make me hyper-emotional. Like I need anything to encourage that! again–can we get an amen?

Work is going well. While I’ve had a cold recently, I feel better than I have in a good while so I feel like I’m accomplishing more. We’re working hard on our annual fundraiser, with everyone chipping in and going at it hot and heavy.

It’s snowed a couple of times here, causing schools to be closed more than normal in BG. The last one gave Mike and I a good excuse to stay in for the weekend and catch up on house work and rest. Good for him, too, as he bears the brunt of most of the physical work around the house. That and the stress of his job take a heavy toll on him. He is one good man.

We lost our good friend Frances Price last week. She’ll be missed by all the Martinsville/Oakdale crowd. Love goes out to Pat & Peg.

That’s all for now. Just wanted to share the good results of the blood tests. We continue to thank everyone for their prayers every day. You make this journey much easier.

Anne & Mike