February 25, 2013

I am so sorry. I think I misled everyone. When I said bye bye curly hair, that means it has straightened out. The previous medicine caused the curls, big time. First time I’d ever had all those curls. I looked like my grandmother. 🙂 But when I changed to the new pills, it began to relax within a couple of weeks. Last week when I got it cut, the curls that were left pretty much hit the floor. I’m back to my old self, save a few waves in the back. I’m having to learn to set my hair all over again. I’d gotten pretty lazy, just letting it dry and curl, lol.

Sorry to startle everyone. No, I’m not losing my hair. It’s just “different.” In fact, I saw a friend I used to work with yesterday after church. She never did recognize me. Pretty funny. I’m beginning to think I could go undercover if my look keeps changing. OK, I am done with updates now. I promise!