Fitness for the family

The Warren County Council on Physical Activity wants people to embrace all aspects of wellness with the fourth annual Family Fitness Fun Day.The event will be at 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Saturday at Fountain Square Park. Activities are free.Its an opportunity for folks to see what the community offers, said Family Fitness Fun Day co-chairwoman and SAPO team member Denise Boyd. We want people to find out that (health) isnt just all about going out and exercising. Its about spiritual and mental well-being.(The event) is sponsored by the Warren County Council on Physical Activity, which is some agencies and individuals who are interested in seeing Warren County get healthier.

Fun Day co-chairwoman Anne Grubbs, who is also enrichment coordinator for Community Education and a WCCPA member, agreed. We’re out for wellness and doing things as a family and getting off the couch, she said. There are so many things to do in Bowling Green and Warren County. You don’t have to belong to a gym. You can do things around the house and be active. Its fun.

Family Fitness Fun Day will include activities from more than 25 vendors, including dance demonstrations, health screenings, crafts, relay races, tunnels and games – not bad for an event that started as something really small, Grubbs said. It started out like a mini health fair with health screenings, she said. It has grown. We’ve added people to the vendor lists and activities.

This years Fun Day will include a little more on the mental aspects of wellness than events of the past, Boyd said.We want people to grow as whole human beings, she said. You can talk to people about getting off the couch and being active, but if they’re not there mentally, it will take a lot to get them to be active. Boyd hopes the Fun Day activities and intimate atmosphere may inspire some people to take charge of their health and give confidence to those who may be intimidated by going to public facilities to exercise. If you talk with someone one-on-one and show them a few things and ease their fears, they might be more inclined to do it, she said. They may be more unafraid to participate in activities.


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