Grubbs was deserving of recent award

Anne Grubbs has done a lot for this community and has never sought recognition for any of her efforts, but good deeds shouldn’t go unnoticed in the case of Grubbs.

On Thursday, Grubbs, who was also celebrating her birthday that day, was named the ATHENA Award winner for her efforts and her community service.

The ATHENA Award recognizes women who are dedicated to opening doors to women in the workplace and beyond.

Grubbs oversees adult education for Community Education and before that taught for 22 years at Cumberland Trace Elementary School.

Receiving this award had to be a very uplifting and exciting experience for Grubbs.

After receiving the award, Grubbs thanked her husband, Mike, for allowing her to quit teaching and open up a whole new life.

Grubbs, who is also a Jefferson Award winner, was very unpretentious in her comments after receiving the award.

“It’s very humbling to get this award, because so many people do so much more work than I do,” Grubbs said. “I’m lucky to be in the right spot to advocate for worthy causes and I work with wonderful people.”

Grubbs’ words are very telling about the type of selfless individual she is.

Everyone who attended the event had the kindest words about Grubbs and said they felt she was certainly deserving of this very coveted award.

There were also other well-qualified nominees for this award, and their work has not gone unnoticed in this community. They also should be commended for their efforts to better this community and region.

We congratulate Grubbs on an award well-earned and well-deserved.


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