Happy Autumn – October 5, 2013

Hi, All. Just a quick update this weekend. I had my 3 week check up last Monday. It went very well. My blood work all registered great last week–liver panels, anemia, etc. I am responding and handling the new drug so well that Dr. Smith wants to up the dosage. He said this is unusual–he usually has to do a weaker dose, since people don’t tolerate the drug so well. I’m one of the lucky ones. My only side effects are fatigue (I can doze off at the drop of a hat!) and really horrible fingernails. The nails are so soft they break and split really easily. No more prying the tops off of things, or opening jewelry clasps with fingernails. Oh well. if that’s the worst it gets I can definitely live with that, for sure. So, after vacation, I will increase my dosage to 7 pills a day.

Now then. Speaking of vacation, our trip to the Grand Canyon is off for the fall. Because of the government shut down, all the parks we were due to visit are shut down. We could continue on the trip, and do a mystery tour. No thanks.(They had to do something for people who were already there, particularly foreign tourists who traveled so far and didn’t have the option of cancelling.) We opted to postpone the trip until the spring. So my friend Debbie and the two of us will try again in April. As Mike said, the only bad thing is that I’m doing really well right now. Everyone pray that is still true in April. I know it will be, but I could use a little boost from all you guys.

Since the trip was due to be two weeks long, Mike will probably continue to work this week and we will take a trip the next week. Mike would really like to get away, I’m sure. We may even head to Siesta Key. Our usual place has a few vacancies. And Tropical Storm Karen seems to have calmed down. We’ll see what happens this week and take it from there. Meanwhile, I can put away the clothes I had already pulled aside to pack for the trip. Won’t be needing long pants and layered clothing in Florida.

That’s about it for now. I would like to ask for prayers for an unspoken need. We have a dear friend who is going through a bad patch right now. I can’t say what or who now. Please just lift him up. It’s one of those things where you say this just shouldn’t happen to him. It’s not fair. Well, no, it isn’t. But we just need to have faith that it will work out.

Everyone have a great fall. If you’re on fall break, please be careful and get home safely. Love to everyone. And thank you to all for support, prayers, and love.

Anne and Mike