January 4, 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We’re entering a new decade. Mike and I just realized this is our 4th decade in Bowling Green. Wow! And we still can’t retire. Hmmmm……… What’s up with THAT? Just kidding!

The fall has continued to be good. Community Education got into our new digs the end of September, and we’re are settling in nicely now. There are still little things to be done here and there (the final “punch list”), but we are settling in.

It hasn’t been the greatest of years for our staff, it seems. Rhonda has been very sick, but hopefully is on the mend now (gall bladder). It’s really given her fits–so think of her. And we all need to think of Debi as she assumes care of a relative. Big changes in family dynamics. Send her love and prayers.

Also, at church we lost our dear friend Susan Shreve. Susan, you are missed. We thank you for being part of our lives. Love to Rick and the kids.

I’ve continued to do well. Well, up until November. I don’t think I did well with my shot that month. I don’t know if it hit a nerve in my hip, or what. And of course it was on THE side. Anyway, it was a rough month, pain-wise. Plus, as the weather gets colder the back is not a happy camper. I’ve finally learned to suck it up and take the pill when I need it. My sweet nurse Melissa gave me a little talking to, and I’m doing as told. It just makes me sleepy at really inconvenient times, so I’m not a fan of taking too many pills. But oh well…….whine, whine, whine. BUT the December treatment went much, much better. Hardly sore at all. The soreness in December was from doing too much decorating, shopping, partying, driving………….oops. I guess it was from too much fun, huh?

Church did a Madrigal Dinner in December. Rick Shreve and Julie Pride put it together. It went well, especially for the first year and all the many, many pieces that had to fit together to make it work. Kudos to Rick, Julie, and their production team. Thanks for letting me be part of it. It was a highlight of my year.

This brings me to the “weeding my garden” portion of my life. As of December 31 I am off 2 boards that I have served on for several years. It’s really kind of weird. But after the way I got worn out from activities in December, it’s a good thing. I’ll miss them, but I’ll still volunteer when needed.

We had a good visit with family at Christmas. We went to Cary, NC, via Asheville. Saw lots of snow and ice, and MANY power trucks. Many people were without power during this holiday season. We were blessed to miss that storm. Anyway, we took 2 days going and 2 days coming home to break up the trip. And my dear friend Elizabeth Honeycutt had given me a heated massager for the car. It made the trip a lot easier! THANKS E1!

There was one scare of a different kind this fall. Anthem and my clinic were at odds over payments and coverage issues, and the clinic had to finally threaten to ditch Anthem coverage. Until you’re in a lifetime relationship with your medical team you don’t know what an impact that will make on you. Honest to goodness, I told someone leaving Steve Smith and his staff was akin to getting a divorce! I was not a very nice person to be around while that was going on. But it was a scary time. They have reached an agreement and extended the contract for 2 more years. Shew! Health care is a scary, scary thing……………………………..Think of people with no options……………………………..

We were late getting the house decorated, so it will stay up until at least the first weekend in January. Gonna enjoy these lights and trees. It’s nice to relax and enjoy. Even if the downstairs is freezing and we stay wrapped up. (It’s only 15 degrees–brrrrrrr–and this old house is COLD.)

Well, just wanted to check in with everyone. It’s been four months–way too long. Love you all, and hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Mike, Lucy, Sebastian (sorry–couldn’t exclude the kids, er, I mean pets) and I wish you all the very best for this year. Love your family, enjoy your friends, get out and enjoy the world. Every day is a gift. and you are all my gift.

Until later, Anne

OH! I almost forgot. I’ve discovered Facebook this year. If you’re on Facebook and we’re not connected, search for Anne Blane Grubbs. I’d love to hear from you!