January 5, 2009

Happy New Year everyone! It’s been over a month, so I figured I’d let everyone know how we’re doing.

Mike and I had a nice holiday. We did finally get the house somewhat decorated. Actually, Mike did most of it. He brought down the tree, decorated it, and went up and down the stairs to the attic repeatedly. What a sweetheart. I had gotten pretty tired for some reason, and spent a lot of couch time in the evenings in early December, so he just took over and did it. Gotta love that man!

We traveled to VA and NC to see friends and family over Christmas. It was good to spend time with them. Christmas with Debbie Youngman was great! Then we dropped in on Gae Saville, a lifelong friend of my mother’s, and had a wonderful visit and trip down memory lane. Mike hadn’t spent time with her before, so he learned a lot more about us, lol. (hmm–is that really good?) Then on to NC where we had a great visit with family. Though many of them were sick during the time. They were taking turns with a stomach virus, which, thankfully, we were spared. Shew! Dodged that bullet!!!!!! It was a tiring trip for ol “crip” here. 1500 miles–6 days gone, 5 on the road somewhere. As we said–we packed pills and pillows, both of which got their share of use. We were good to go. 😉

I’m doing well. There is soreness and limping from time to time, though it’s hard to say what triggers it. It can be anything from sitting in the wrong chair to a hard sneeze that causes a spasm. But it is manageable. AND I’m trying to make an effort to manage my energy better–getting the proper amount of sleep (that is the hardest part–I’m a night owl by nature). And my resolution is to get back into a REGULAR exercise routine. I’m walking better, so I need to get going with that! This is our “special event” season at work. Spell-a-bration is coming up and I am behind the eight ball. I got way behind schedule with everything that was going on last fall and the mental toll it took on me, so now I’m running to catch up. Anyone wanta join a spelling team, lol? Then comes Volunteers in Action and Stand for Children Day. Oi! Just another day in non-profit land, folks. Come on down!

We are spending time with friends and family and enjoying every minute. Funny how your priorities and perspectives change when life throws you these curves. But ithey are good changes. I realize every day how much all of you mean to me. If I don’t say it when I see you–please believe it–we love you all. Friends and a wonderful church family are what keeps us going.

Speaking of friends–everyone please keep our friend Ron in your prayers. He goes to Vanderbilt this week for tests, then starts his chemo that will preceded the stem cell transplant. We need it all to go well!!!!!!!!!!!!! Think hard and pray hard. He and Jane will be there for about 4 months total.

Also keep our friends Gene and Wendy Weigel in your prayers. They’re a couple of friends from VA. Both of them have cancer and are in treatment. I can’t believe how upbeat they are under the circumstances. Gene’s on a feeding tube (his cancer is in the tongue), and Wendy has ovarian cancer. They’ve both been really sick, but are doing better for the time being. Keep them in mind.

And I have to say keep Susan Shreve in mind. She’s my own personal hero.

I’m going to close with a prayer that has meant a lot to both Mike and me. Terry Caturano did it in calligraphy for me a few years ago and we gave it to our pastor at the time (he used it as his benediction). Since that time I’ve shared it with many friends. It’s certainly helped keep Mike and I focused here lately. Thanks to Mike Powers for helping us discover it.

Do not pray for easy lives. But rather pray to be strong men and women, boys and girls. Do not pray for a task equal to your power, but rather pray for power equal to your task. Then the doing of the work will be no miracle. But you will be the miracle, and you will be constantly amazed at what you can do and become. By the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ at work within you. To him be all glory and honor, dominion and majesty. Both now and forever. Amen.

Amen? Amen! Happy 2009, everyone. Love you all.


p.s. the end of the bathroom renovation is in sight. Poor Charley (our contractor/carpenter) keeps threatening to bring his sleeping bag and move in, he’s spent so much time addressing “money pit” issues. But it will be gorgeous when done. I knew everyone was just dying for an update on the saga, hehe.