July 23, 2011

Another round of shots down. Ow, ow, ow. As she did the shots (which go in very slowly because the medicine is thick and it takes a long time to  push), she ask if she was hurting me. Then said, oh you wouldn’t tell me if I was. Honestly, though, it doesn’t really hurt going in. It’s the next day, hee hee. But, hey, feeling the ouchies is good. It means I’m still trucking, right? RIGHT!
The real reason to enter this today is the funny surprise we got this week. Thursday night, after our nasty storm that blew down trees all over town, Mike went walking when it cooled down. When he got home, a surprise was waiting at the front door. A purple toilet. Yep. Purple. It is one of the traveling toilets from American Cancer Society, as a fundraiser to “Flush Cancer.” I knew exactly who it came from (thanks, Stephanie, et al). I had been Shreved. Funny, funny. When I get the pictures on the computer I’ll post them.
We did our part. Paid to have it removed, paid to have our pictures made, and paid insurance so it won’t come back. AND, sent it to the next caring citizen, aka victim. The choices were many. But, where did it go? Well, I’d taken a  picture with the phone and showed it to the girls in oncology. They immediately asked if I’d thought of sending it to Dr. Smith. I had, but, well, was reluctant. With a little encouragement, I got over that quickly. It left Park Street and headed out to his house. I know he has a good sense of humor. Let’s just hope his wife does, too. I haven’t met her. :0> We’ll find out soon enough, I’m sure.
Anyway, folks, if a purple toilet ends up in your front yard, send it on with a smile. It’s a cheap little trip ($20.00), and it goes to a good cause. And I must admit, the laughter was good. In fact, I might have to call Mr. Duncan and send it to a few other generous folks.
One last quick note: my prayers and good wishes go with my nurse Mashell. Her husband is fighting a battle of his own, and they are moving to be near family. God bless and God speed. I will miss you terribly.
Night all. Fear the toilet………………….
Anne and Mike