Please call Anthem and voice concerns

In a recent interview on WBKO, I was quoted as stating that I was concerned at losing the care of my current physicians at Graves-Gilbert Clinic.

That’s true. They are caring and dedicated caregivers and I don’t want to think about not being able to have their care anymore. One critical piece of what I had to say was not included in the report. That was my statement that all patients who subscribe to Anthem need to take a part in their own care by calling and expressing their opinion.

Anthem recently sent out a letter advising us of negotiations that began five months ago. Patients weren’t notified until it was almost too late to voice their opinions. Upon calling the company in Louisville, customer service claimed to have no knowledge of the situation or the person who sent the letter. They also included a list of providers from Graves-Gilbert. It’s inaccurate. Some of those doctors left almost two years ago. These facts, while perhaps not surprising, do not speak well for the insurance company.

I urge every person who subscribes to Anthem to get on the phone with the company and express your opinion. It won’t be the first time it’s happened. Norton’s had the same experience, and the public made the difference.

Take a part in your own care. It’s the only thing that makes things happen.

Anne Grubbs

Bowling Green


Grubbs, Anne (2009, December). Please call Anthem and voice concerns. Bowling Green Daily News. Retrieved from