Retail group renews bid for tax laws

Even though the National Retail Federation is pushing again for Congress to require online and remote sellers to collect state and local sales taxes, online shoppers don’t seem fazed.

Since online shopping’s genesis, the federation has urged Congress to pass legislation making online and remote sellers collect state and local taxes.

The federation says current laws give online shopping an unfair advantage because customers will purchase items online rather than having to pay taxes at brick-and-mortar retailers.

Anne Grubbs of Bowling Green said she shops online fairly often, especially for birthday and Christmas presents. If she can’t find something she wants at local stores or doesn’t want to get out, shopping online from home is convenient. It was especially helpful when she was ill at Christmastime and wasn’t able to get out, she said.

If Congress were to pass legislation that would make people pay taxes on online purchases, she doesn’t think it would affect her shopping habits.

“I wouldn’t like it, but I’d have to do it,” she said.

Even if the retailers’ federation gets its way, Grubbs said online shopping likely wouldn’t suffer.

“It might hurt it at first, but I think eventually it would recover,” she said. “If you’re seeking the convenience, you’re going to shop online anyway.”

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