schedule – November 20, 2013

I realized I have not updated everyone on the final schedule. Tomorrow (Thursday) I see the surgeon for consult and pre-op. Then Friday I will have a port put in. Monday is D Day. I go in for labs that morning, see Dr. Smith, and then go to chemo. Let’s get the show on the road.

Today I went and got a super short haircut. See the profile pic up in the corner? That ain’t nothing! We did a pixie cut, in preparation for hair loss, if it happens. My ears are cold, lol. I’ll just be wearin’ me some big old ear rings for a while.

Things are marching along. Most of the time I feel pretty good. Today has been rough because I’m not breathing as well. That happened some over the weekend, too. Just as long as I’m not getting sick. Who knows? It could be another build up of fluid. We’ll see. But we have to start this process. One of the goals of the chemo is to get me breathing better. So cross your fingers.

That’s it for now. Everyone have a great day. Praise: JoEllen’s little girl finally got to come home from Vanderbilt. Keep praying for continued recovery for this child. She has endured a lot, and her brother and sister have, too. Her mom and dad are certainly great parents.

Place Anna and Bill Russell on your lists. They have had more than their share lately. Their son had to have bypass, their daughter’s house burned, and they are not feeling well. They need our support now.

Thank you all again for everything. We love you all!

Anne and Mike and the babies