September 2, 2008

Back to reality! Mike and I had a restful week at Myrtle Beach last week. Time to relax, read, EAT, talk (seems we hadn’t had time to really talk to each other in a long time), and regroup. The weather was pretty good. It rained Monday, which gave us time to rest up from the drive and go out and buy the necessary chairs and umbrella, and the rest of the week was nice. Myrtle Beach has changed tons since I was there last–lots more high rises. I did recognize some of the old motels, but not many. But it’s still a great place to go.

I actually walked a lot on the beach. I’ve decided I need a prescription that says I have to go to a beach and walk in the sand! I’ll take that up with Dr. Smith the next time I see him. I managed to do quite a bit of walking while there. It’s amazing what salt air and naps will do for you! lol I also went out in the water a couple of times, once it calmed down. I was afraid of the waves, a little. Afraid if I went down I’d never get back up :-), but Mike held on tight.

The drive was taxing on my back, but I did OK. Dr. Smith had given me something new to take and it worked quite well. Of course, I slept well, too, but it was worth it.

We saw Becky Buckman, who used to work with Mike. She lives outside Charleston now and we all met in Georgetown for dinner on Thursday. It was a nice visit.

Back to reality for both of us today. We both went back to work and faced the music of having been gone; you know how it is–pick up the pieces of what you need to have been doing, return the emails and phone calls, etc. Not too bad, just “stuff.”

The pets were immensely glad to have us home. The cat sneezed constantly when we brought him home–stress we guess. But he’s fine now–and he slept right on top of us the first night. Lucy just wagged her tail non-stop. Gotta love them–they’re our babies!

It’s good to be home with friends. We missed everyone. We’ll keep you posted if there are any new developments. Otherwise, thanks for everything. Love to everyone.