Stand For Children Day In Bowling Green

It was a day for children at the Bowling Green Ballpark.

An estimated one thousand children went out to the ballpark for Stand for Children Day.

While there, kids got to play all kinds of games and learn about important issues like nutrition and saying no to drugs.

The event was put together by several organizations including Community Education, the Bowling Green Hot Rods, and American Bank and Trust.

“For us, it’s about the kids, obviously the kids can have a good safe time, meet different vendors from different communities that have different events through out the summer,” says Kyle Hanrahan from the Bowling Green Hot Rods.

“Well, we think it’s about the children and the community, what a great community we have and all the services we have here,” says Anne Grubbs from Community Education.

Community Education says the day is meant to entertain kids while informing parents.

They say this was one of the largest turnouts they’ve ever had.


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