Thanks for helping with Spell-a-Bration

Thanks to everyone who helped with Community Education’s Spell-a-Bration 2008.

The event was highly successful and well-received by the community and the participants.

I would also like to make some connections between this event and our mission. We chose to use a spelling bee as our fundraiser for a variety of reasons. One, it is a unique and unusual event for the Bowling Green area, and two, this type of event showcases a different area of talent – academics.

Not everyone can – or wants to – enter a physically challenging event. Many find academic events fun and challenging. Highlighting this competition is a great way to show to current students that learning never stops.

Those in the Spell-a-Bration participated for competitive spirit and fun – and also to show the young people in their lives that the love of learning is something that should be with them forever. There were people from all walks of life. Some use the event to build teamwork.

Community leaders like Gene Birk of WBKO and David Elson, WKU’s head football coach, participate to help make a point of the importance of lifelong learning.

Volunteers abound to help with the event, also seeing it as a tool to encourage learning.

The bee did something else: it allowed students to see that it’s all right to make a mistake. When one of the spellers, a local teacher, was asked by her students what she would do if she missed a word, she replied (paraphrase) that she would thank everyone for the good time, and try again next time.

Everyone continues to grow and learn throughout their lives. The fact that nearly 100 people came together in the spirit of fun is noteworthy.

Anne Grubbs

Bowling Green

Editor’s note: Grubbs is the enrichment and volunteer coordinator for BG/WC Community Education.


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