August 12, 2009

Just stopping by to let everyone know that it’s been a great summer at the Grubbs household, much different than last year. The last visit with Dr. Smith was last week, and we talked about “it’s been a year!” The tumor markers, though up a tiny bit, are still well in the normal range. It is normal for them to creep up–this is a lifelong thing–so he’s still pleased. I will continue on the current treatment regimen for another 6 months, and then we’ll re-evaluate. It does reach a maximum benefit point, so we don’t want to overdo it. There are other options for future treatments. We talked about what’s to come, and that was a good talk. We’re both encourage at the outlook right now. It was good to see him smile. I wasn’t ready to talk about those things last summer. Heck. I probably wouldn’t have remembered it if we did. I really don’t remember a lot of last summer ;-). Probably a blessing.

My energy is really good most of the time, I walk 110% better (still not running any laps, but it’s OK!), and I take very few pain pills. In fact, Aleve is about all I take any more, unless there’s a really big day of walking (like Stand for Children Day). Even the heating pads are on hiatus most of the time right now. Now, if I can ditch the weight I’ve gained on the hormone treatment …… another story! In short, folks, I have learned to pace myself and pull back from activities. We call it “weeding my garden.” Some things just have gone by the wayside. It is what it is.

Our office moves to its new location in a few weeks. So, Community Education is packing, packing, packing. I do solemnly swear not to lift the boxes. (I’ve had a little bit of swelling in my left arm, so I’m being especially cautious.) Come see us at our new building on Westen. Finally, we’re getting a “forever home.”

On the home front–finally a new vehicle!!!!!!!!! The old burgundy Cutlass has gone out to pasture–not clunkerville. Just out to pasture. Hopefully some teenager will enjoy it, warts and all. AND, for those that remember that vacuum cleaner sagas of last summer (steroids and broken down vacuums don’t mix well), we got a new Oreck. Whoa! It works, and it’s lightweight. Life is good. Doesn’t take much, does it?

Seriously, though. Life IS good. We are thankful for all our friends, all your prayers, and all the support. Mike and I could never do this without you. You’re our lifeline and we treasure you.

Love to all, Anne