August 15, 2009

Thanks for all the wonderful comments. Yes, Mike is the best caregiver in the world. THANKS, Bobby, for pointing that out.
I have my annual mammogram in 2 weeks and then a follow up with Dr. Reed. We’ll keep everyone posted.
Top 10 things I love:

  1. concerts in the park
  2. my new car (it’s so much fun!)
  3. Caring Bridge–making it easy to keep up
  4. Facebook!!!! What a great way to touch base with friends far away…..and across town!
  5. Lucy–the dog that knows she’s human andSebastian–the cat that thinks he’s a dog
  6. Community Education’s new home
  7. State Street Methodist Church
  8. My wonderful caregivers at Graves Gilbert Clinic
  9. Kiwanis, its mission and hard workers; and all my civic group supporters
  10. MIKE

Did I mention my new car? hehe If I didn’t, let me mention it again.

Please pray for our friends the Shreves. We love them and treasure knowing them.

Thanks for all the good wishes. Love to all, Anne & Mike