August 23, 20101

It’s been five weeks since the last Faslodex shot, and there is continued improvement in the way I feel. AND, I began the Synthroid one week ago. I do feel a difference in energy levels. I can actually make it four days before folding, lol! And this is making a huge difference in my emotional stability and outlook. I feel much more positive and calm. No more wanting to cry every day.

I’m having a few side effects, but I think it’s more of a combination effect than any one medication. I’m experiencing a weird metalllic taste at times (similar to chemo of the past). But since that didn’t start with the tamoxifen I’m pretty certain it has to do with combining the two medications, and also possibly the low dose bp med. And oddly enough, the taste occurs only with certain foods–certain breads, and last night–corn! odd. Poor Mikey: I threw out his blueberry streusel bread that I got at the Cracker Barrel when I went with Pam, because I thought it had gone bad. Turns out it was ME. Thank heaven there were only two pieces left. Croissants are bad, too. I think it’s a starch-related thing. OH! AND (boo hoo, boo hoo) sometimes chocolate. :0( Hey, at least it hasn’t affected coffee.
{{{:0}}}}}}}}} I can keep my Starbucks card and my McDonald’s cup. Shew!

The way I look at it, this could be a blessing in disguise. Breads are my decided weakness. AND, they are the things I craved while on chemo, and again on the faslodex. So this could be God’s hand say OK, enough’s enough! We’re going to take charge of this metabolism thing and get you back on the right road.

This journey continues, and I continue to reflect on it. One thing I have learned is that any journey, no matter what it entails or where it leads us, can be taken, as long as it’s taken with support. We are surrounded by love and support from friends and church. I know I don’t officially have “family”, but I do have  FAMILY. Mike’s family surrounds us with love, and all of our church family has brought us closer to peace every day. In fact, I am very much at peace with this whole thing. I’m sure that’s one reason I feel so much better.

Today’s Upper Room devotional caught my eye and made me think of my purpose on this earth and with my family. Permit me to share:

CATHERINE Booth was the wife of General William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army. Reportedly, in the course of rearing her large family, Catherine would often tell her children: “Now remember, you are not here in this world for yourselves. You have been sent — for God and for others. The world is waiting for you.” Consequently, they grew up with a very clear picture of their Christian calling and took an active part in Christian ministry.

God has a specific purpose for each of us as we follow in the footsteps of Jesus, who declared that he came not to be served but to serve. Christ Jesus is our perfect example — giving himself in obedience to God for the sake of others, both in his life and in his death. The apostle Paul’s prayer was that the Christians of ancient Philippi would continue increasing in love, knowledge, and insight as they passed on the good news of Christ. Paul was confident that their obedience to the Lord’s call would bring a rich harvest.

God has entrusted us with the role of passing on the gospel to a waiting world in our day. What a privilege and responsibility!

Hazel V. Thompson (Somerset, England)

Our minister has done a series on the teachings of Paul this summer, and it has spoken to me. I think some of Mike’s and my calling is to help others who are taking this journey. I hope it’s one we do by example–I’m not great at  “counseling.” Mike and I just continue to go day by day, doing our best, and telling others that they can do it, too. I have so many great examples that I’m following. My examples of dignity and courage: Susan & Rick, Rick & Linda, Wendy & Gene. They taught us so much. Others are taking this journey with us, too. I know they have helped us as well. Thank you all. I hope I can pass on some of their courage and dignity.

Love you all. Mike and Anne
Love to Dani, Carole, Leslie, and Aaron. One more Step, One more Push, One more Prayer. ONE MORE VICTORY–IN GOD.