September 1, 2010

Well, we got the results of the mammogram today–it was good. shew! Check off one more thing off the list.

I continue to adjust to the medications, and still feel better. One thing that I have to realize is, just because I feel better still doesn’t mean I can run all over and drive all day. This old dog doesn’t learn new tricks all that well! In other words, it was a little bit of a long weekend for the back. That didn’t stop us, though, from visiting Sumner Crest with Melody and Keith. Fun times watching Skip Bond–and giving a certain drummer a hard time when the sound system wasn’t working. I love text messaging, lol. It’s amazing how fun times are magnified now.

It would seem that the metabolism continues to improve, along with focus and memory. The biggest challenge has been trying to figure out WHEN to take pills. Some have to be first thing in the morning, with 8 oz. of water, and at least an hour before food. And then it’s 4 hours before I can take OTC stuff. Since sticking to schedules has never been my strong suit, this has been interesting. I’m working on it. And the side effects that go with all the meds are evening out.
Mike and I have been doing things around the house-having work done in the yard and soon on the porch. A kind of “nesting” you might say. We give thanks every day for our lives. Somehow we have settled into a comfortable routine that brings us closer together. It really is true that the sky is bluer and the sun shines brighter when your priorities change. And time with friends is more sweeter.

I’m not saying that it isn’t hard. It is. Every day the knowledge of the disease is there, along with doubts and concerns. But we know we have the best of medical care and the best of friends. As well as the greatest church support. That is what makes the journey easier and the footsteps lighter.

There’s really nothing big to report. I  just wanted to check in and tell everyone to  have a wonderful holiday weekend. Stay safe, and enjoy the simple things. Live, Love, Laugh! And give your lives to God.