February 16, 2009

Time for the update from last week’s dr.’s appointment. It went well–yeah! only 2 sticks to get the IV in, always a victory!!!!!!!! (I’m a hard stick, remember.) Anyhow, it wasn’t bad at all and did NOT hurt. She was good, good, good.

Dr. Smith and I agreed we would wait til June to do a bone scan. As it stands now there is no new discomfort, and I feel good. So there would be no difference in treatment plans and we thought it would be best to wait. This was the month that they ran a full blood panel, and I received a phone call the next day or so from his office. The nurse left a message to say that my “tumor markers are normal, and that is great.” Of course I had to call and say ok explain it to the dummy. I know it’s great, but what does it mean, lol.

Angela explained that it means the treatment has the cancer under control and is working right now. That’s a good thing, folks. The cancer is still there, but it’s sitting still for now, so we’re cautiously optimistic that it will stay that way for a good while to come.

I’m still in the stages of re-discovering that I have to pace myself. Dr. Smith and I talked about that, too. I can do whatever I feel like; he says just listen to my body and don’t overdo. So that’s exactly what I’m trying to do. It means making some choices and eliminating some meetings and extra activities, but that’s OK. That way I can save up strength to do the things we really want to do.

I’ve been given a gift, and I know it means I have things left that I need to do. Things for others. I’m thinking about what I can do to help others who aren’t as fortunate as I am. I am so lucky to be able to get the treatments that help me. So many others can’t afford these treatments, and that does bother me. I feel like we need to do something about that. Advocate, talk, build awareness, something. I’ll work on that.

The Spelling Bee is this Friday night, so Community Education is running crazy right now. It’ll be good to get it done, but it is a great event. Cross your fingers that we can make it a terrific night for everyone involved.

Thanks for all the prayers. I’ve learned a lot about my beliefs this past year. I’ve learned that I believe that God is there to help us through the bad times and the good. He doesn’t “give” someone a disease or “start” a war or “make” people evil. But He is there to help us cope with the hand we’re dealt. This has brought me a lot of peace this last 6 months. I wish you all the same peace.

Love to all, Anne