February 10, 2009

Just checking in with everyone to say hi. I realized that folks have been seeing the news about the storms in KY and wondering how close we are. Well, about 30 miles it turns out. Bowling Green was very fortunate to avoid the brunt of the storm’s fury. Just to the north of us it was a virtual disaster zone, with trees and limbs everywhere. BG has a good tree trimming program, so the city fared better than the county. We just had to put up with the 2 degree weather, brrrrr…… But at least we could fight it off with heat and lights.

I’m feeling well. Tomorrow is my monthly check up with Dr. Smith. While I still get tired quicker than I used to (hey, who doesn’t?), I feel good. We are going and doing all the time. We went to see Wicked a couple of weeks ago–I highly recommend it–and went to 2 WKU ball games this weekend. Tomorrow there’s a great blue grass group that’ll be singing at church, so we’re going to hit that. And then at the end of March we’ll go to Riverdance. Like I said, going and doing all the time.

Work is really busy right now, with class schedules and Spell-a-Bration drawing close. Looks like it will be great this year. I’m blessed to have such a good place to work and such good people to work with. This is happening because everyone works TOGETHER. I could never still be doing this without those guys!

That’s all for now. More after the dr. visit. For now, pray for our friends Jane & Ron, Susan & Rick, Gene & Wendy. They need us more than ever.

Love to everyone, Anne & Mike