February 17, 2011

I feel like bright colors this morning. The day has dawned better. Thanks for listening, everyone.

You’ll notice I’m not using a red font. But the monitor looks red–the reflection from my face. I’m still really pink (I always look good with sun on my cheeks), and somewhat itchy. But it will get better.

It is a combination of the synthroid and the steroid. Since I’d taken the steroid before, we all got careless. I ALWAY ask at the pharmacy about drug interactions–didn’t this time. Dr. Smith always looks when prescribing. He didn’t (the waiting room was stacked 10 deep–I suspect that played a big part. Plus they had a runner in the hall :-} That guy was LEAVING). And I usually read the pamphlet. Took the meds, left the pamphlet on my desk, and that was that. Thank heaven for google. I know dr.’s worst nightmare. But I figured it out, and took no more steroids this morning. Started Benadryl last night. Hey, what’s one more pill, right?

I spoke with head nurse this a.m., Betsy Manship. She said STOP meds; START Benadryl. Done. Done. Done. Dr. Smith is off today, for a well deserved rest (he’s probably at a conference, he’s always working). So she’ll check with other doc to see if there is an alternative medicine for the back. But she is not aware of anything. So, I may end up on bed rest next week. Meanwhile, and this is my new catch phrase, I got in two megadoses before turning into Big Red of Hilltopper fame. Sad part: the medicine was actually relieving the pain some. So I hate that I can’t finish it. Oh well……………Back to square one.

Thank you all for prayers. I went right to sleep last night, from the Benadryl and after a good cry. Woke up from Steroids at 1:30 and finished projects I’d started yesterday afternoon. Got them emailed in to the office. Yippee. Then went back to sleep at 3:00 and slept til 7:30. I suspect I’ll do the same flippy floppy thing today, as I start more Benadryl. Zombie city.

We have things more under control on the Bee. Or maybe I’m just seeing a brighter side this morning. But everyone please keep the staff lifted up. Everyone has had a rough week (or two), and everyone is pulling together so well. We are going to make this a great event for our sponsors and teams. They are our champions! And it will go off all right with or without me. I’m a little cog in the wheel. Just hard not to feel like I’m letting people down a little. You all now how that is. It’s what we do.

Thanks to all my wonderful friends out there. You rock our world! We can’t thank you enough for prayers and support, both physical and spiritual.

OK, off to the office for a short while, and a couple of last errands for Bee. (Have to do a face to face for food at El Maz–language issues.) Then back to my  home “office.” aka the bed in the computer room, with the ironing board desk (a good use for it), my phones, my remote, and my Coke Zero. AND (how can we forget) my heating pad. One of them. And my faithful companion, Lucy. The cat says I wiggle too much. He doesn’t stay. silly cat.

Love and blessings all. Thank you.