February 18, 2011

Well, not a good sign. I typed an entry and then lost it before I could proof and post. Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……………………….

We are back to square one at Grubbs manor today. Or is that Minus One? Stopped the steroid therapy yesterday–cold turkey. Whoo! That’s always fun. The concensus now (from pharmacist) is that there is no way the synthroid and dexadron could interact. None. Whatever. I still think, even if not the medication itself, the throid condition is in play. It’s the difference from the last time I took this stuff. And I did see evidence of that research online (I know–bad girl. They hate it when we think and do our own research.)
But it’s all moot, really. What it adds up to is we’re starting over.

By last night, since I had to stop the meds, the pain was returniing. I worked (or was there) for a few hours yesterday, trying to wrap up some details. by the time I left I could barely move. SO, I went ahead and called in for another appointment. I was supposed to call them Monday to report any changes. No need to wait now. I’ll go in this morning and we’ll start over.

The hardest part is missing today at work. It’s a big day, where everyone contributes their part. I know everyone has it under control–including the pieces I’ve dropped this week. But I can’t help feeling guilty. Seriously, the guys have got it. And the wonderful people at Holiday Inn are taking superb control of us. Not to mention all the great volunteers. But I may have to knock myself in the head so I don’t think about it tonight.

Oh man. Just realized I’ll be missing a rocking silent auction. I can’t believe it! Everyone go buy something great. There are some wonderful packages–from pottery to food to balloon rides and more. WOW! Hate that. I am dangerous at a silent auction…………

Hey! Laura and Chris just gave us a terrific plug on AM KY! THANKS GUYS.

I’ll keep everyone posted. Thanks for all the support and love. (Pam, thanks for dinner. Mike was thrilled! He may move into the carriage house.)

Seriously, we appreciate everyone’s support. Have a great day.

Love and blessings, Anne