January 11, 2011

I haven’t been on in quite some time, and friends are telling me to update, update, update. There hasn’t been a lot to say lately, since I haven’t had any scans, and I’ve let it get away from me. But here’s a little news from Grubbs Manor, aka 9 Hearths.

Christmas this year was spent at home. It was an absolutly wonderful holiday. Though we missed seeing Mike’s family and our friends in Martinsville, staying home was very nice. I made the decision early in December that I really couldn’t take the long car trip, with short turn around time. It really takes a toll on my back and energy levels to be in the car for long stretches. SO, we promised the family we’d make a trip in the spring, when we could stay longer and recover from travel a little better. Of course, our doors are always open and we would love to have folks come see us. Just give me a couple of days to find the guest bed, lol.

I have felt pretty well this fall. Yes, I do still tire and do have bone pain. I’ve learned to take the meds as needed, instead of being little miss toughy. It makes all the difference. And hey, I’m 60. I’m entitled to every nap, right? Taking Fridays off has been a blessing. Unfortunately I seem to spend most of my Fridays either at this, that, or the other dr.’s office, doing business, going for special insurance visits, blah, blah, blah. But at least I have those Fridays to do that, and then rest on the weekend.

Mike and I participated in the church Madrigal Dinner again this year. A really rewarding experience. It was a dream of Susan Shreve’s, so it’s very special to everyone involved. And the money goes toward the church food ministry. It’s truly a labor of love. And we have found so many friends with the experience. As Will Pride says: “framily”

We’ve had to have an extraordinary amount of work done around the house this year. The mud room began to really need re-doing (ceiling dangerously close to falling), which led to some roofing work. (thanks to the bad roofing  job done by he who shall remain nameless in print–ask me in person) Larry Schaum and Charlie Taylor fixed us up, though. We’re good to go–just broke. Oh yeah–Mike had major car repairs twice last fall, too. sigh………………

There has been more snow in Bowling Green this winter season than I can remember in years. Christmas Eve brought the most beautiful snow. The church doors opened and it looked like the last scene from White Christmas. WOW! The only bad part for me about snow is: cold weather makes these bones hurt like crazy, and I CAN’T FEEL MY STUPID FEET. The taxol left my toes numb, so I tend to stay home when it looks the least bit slick outside. Not that I was EVER graceful. I don’t need any added help when it comes to slipping and sliding :-}.

The holidays brought us some sad news, too. Elizabeth Honeycutt’s daughter Phyllis passed away New Year’s day. Even though Mike and I never met Phyllis, she touched  our lives, as much as Elizabeth and the rest of the family. She will be missed by all of us.

We had company from home–our dear friend Debbie Youngman came for a few days after Christmas and spent New Year’s with us. WONDERFUL. We visited Opryland Hotel, shopped ourselves silly, had soup for the neighbors and friends on New Year’s Day, and just had a great time.

I’m due for my next scan next Friday (Jan. 21). It’s a bone scan this time. We’ll keep everyone posted on the results. We hope the tamoxifen is working, but we know that whatever it shows, we have everyone’s love and support. We are so blessed to have all of you in our lives. Thank you for your prayers and your support.

Have a blessed 2011, everyone. Love and blessings, Anne & Mike