January 31, 2011

Well, I’m baaaaaack! Krazee Monday–catching up with registrations and other Friday accumulations on my desk made this day fly by. Then, as I got ready to leave, around 4:45, the cell phone rang. I saw it was Graves Gilbert and took off down the hall to a quiet space to answer the call–not knowing exactly what I’d hear.

It was Dr. Smith. After a brief chat, he got right to it: GOOD NEWS. This scan showed virtually no change from last July’s. He said it’s miniscule. So, we are, as he says, “staying the course.” I will continue to take Tamoxifen for the time being (again–very few side effects! yippee). We’ll do another tumor marker test in 3 months (they were almost unchanged, too), and another scan in 6 months. I went back toward my dear co-workers who were standing in the hall chatting, with every intention of telling them the good news immediately. I was afraid I would get choked up, so I had to wait until we were on the way out the door. Emotion got the better of me, along with some relief.

Thank you again for prayers, hugs, and good thoughts. I felt them all weekend long, and they brought great peace. I think it did me good to reflect a lot this weekend and take some time to think about feelings that have been building up for a while. As I said yesterday–battle fatigue. It’s probably one of the biggest hazards.

Keep Mary Scantland and her sister in your prayers. Her sister has gone into Hospice. Also, Elizabeth, Liz, Leslie, and Aaron. And anyone who is affected by this disease. I don’t know why I’m so lucky to be doing so well, except that I have special things yet to do. I pray that I find that purpose and do what I’m supposed to be doing.

Another good evening with friends, by the way. Betty, thank you for a lovely evening, with good conversation. Your hospitality was wonderful. Shared laughter always makes the day better.

God is good. All the time. Even when we don’t realize it. All the time. God is good.

Love to all.

Anne and Mike