March 2, 2011

Evening, Friends. I told a dear friend that I would try and do an update tonight, since it’s been a while. AND, I felt like the last few were a little incoherent. I was more out of it than I realized for a while. (that’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it)

I stayed home all last week, with tlc from Mike and the pets. (seriously, they follow me around watching me now) By the end of the week I did have enough sense to realize I’d probably better stick with part time this week. Sunday was to be my test run: up for church, out to lunch with the gang, and then running a couple of errands. All was going well. Until the errands. Somehow I twisted myself rather awkwardly and heard a very loud pop in my right shoulder, and felt immediate pain. Oh crap! That’s not good ;0/. We came home, I put ice on it and tried to pretend it would go away. Kinda like when I tore the ligament in my ankle a few years back. WELL, it seemed to get worse by evening. Wouldn’t you know it? Mike was preparing a steak dinner, and I come in and say I think we need to go get an x-ray. Poor man. He was salivating over that steak, too. Anyhow, off we go to Urgent Care. You know they make you hold 10 lb bags of sand which they x-ray? OMG. Yes, I said it–OMG. The dr. said it was something with the AC Joint, which I have now located by checking the internet. I’d heard of it, but couldn’t tell you what it was for or what it did. Gave me a sling and anti-inflammatories and home we went. And I missed work Monday. So much for the test run on Sunday.
Luckily, I had a six month check up scheduled with Dr. Reed, so I could do follow up with her. The anti-inflammatories and continued icing have really helped. Then Urgent Care called to say it may have a fracture. Good thing I was scheduled for Dr. Reed. We decided not to do any further scans or tests, just to  monitor it and do some exercises. Where it is, there isn’t much to be done anyway. It will heal itself.

This could have been caused by a weakness in the bone, from the cancer. We don’t know. I don’t recall him mentioning a spot on the right shoulder (there is one on the left), but there could be a tiny one there. Anyway, it is probably another signal that I just need to be a little more careful. And it’s also a signal that the new bone strengthening drug Dr. Smith has started me on is well-timed. I had my first dose last Friday. Not a bad treatment at all. (Of course, it is also probably a result of 20 years of carting heavy book bags while teaching. Don’t carry those things on your shoulder, folks! Seriously………..)

I have returned to work part time. Did 5 hours Tuesday and about 4.5 or 5 today. I realize that’s about all I can handle right now. Now as much because I’m still sick, but because I’m still washed out after being down so long. I think I’ll be a good girl for a while yet. As I said to Julie last week, I had just let myself get run down and the “whatever the heck that was” knocked me sideways. No extra duties for a while, and getting a little better at the word no. It’s amazing how priorities change, and how some things just aren’t as important as they used to be. I feel like I need to remind myself that it’s tTime to ditch the drama and just enjoy! And concentrate on the important things.

Every day is such a gift, isn’t it? I don’t really have “words of wisdom or inspiration” tonight. This is truly just an update. And honestly, while Sunday didn’t end so well, it really was a great day. We spent time with friends–some of the most important people in our lives, saw a friend’s beautiful new home, and heard a wonderful message at church that morning. I really am on the road to recovery. This shoulder injury is just that: an injury. It is nothing like the pain and weakness I felt from the back thing, whether it was an illness or an injury. This is inconvenient, but not horrible.

The message today I guess is, remember what’s important. Don’t let the stupid and crazy stuff get to you (I am talking to myself as much as anyone), and spend your energy on the important things. AND, take care of yourselves. You have to take care of yourself, or you’re no good to anyone.

Special hugs to Leslie Priest as she returns home, and best wishes to Aaron Neel in his quest for a bone marrow donor. And special thanks to all the good friends in our lives. We love you all.

Now, off to the next adventure. I’ll check back in with everyone in a week or two.

Love and Blessings, Anne & Mike