November 7, 2008

Folks, I am a bad journalist as of late! SORRY!

There’s not too much news. I did my regular visit in October, and it went well. Though I had not drunk enough water beforehand and they had a bit of a hard time hitting a vein for the injection. Ouch! And I know better. This week I’ll be sucking down water like crazy ;-). Anyhow, Dr. Smith said it’s going well and I don’t have to see him in November, just come in for my IV and my shot. I’ll see him again in December. I’ll probably have another scan of some sort in January. Not sure of the timing yet, but that’s what I gathered.

Pain management has gone well this month, too. I’ve learned to gauge things a little better and get to any pain before it gets to me. It’s a learning curve, but it’s going well. I’m learning when to slow down and when to rest.

We did lots of Halloween activities this year-first dressing as Cheeseburgers in a Pair-o-Dice (get it, Jimmy Buffet: Cheeseburgers in Paradise). Then the office dressed up for the Chamber Coffee Hour and I went as a Yellow Brick Road, accompanied by all the “characters” from OZ–in other words, office cohorts. We won 2nd prize. Yea! Fun, fun, fun.

My girlfriend Debbie is here from VA, and we’re doing our best to boost Bowling Green’s economy. We’re hitting Christmas open houses everywhere we can in 2 days. Ah, brings back sweet memories of home, lol! We are the shopping queens. And, our cat has taken a total shine to her–loves her totally. Let’s hope she doesn’t slip him in the suitcase, hehe.

Again, it’s going well. Keep the prayers coming. I know that’s what makes every day bearable and wonderful all at the same time. Life is good–God is good. All the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love to all, Anne

(Next time: the continuing bathroom saga–we’re on track and moving right along!)