October 19, 2008

Not a lot of news, but wanted to update.

Last week had 2 milestones. The first was a birthday ;0). OK, they used to be somewhat dreaded, but now birthdays are a welcome occurance, lol. Mike and I were goofing around and saying this birthday wasn’t any kind of “big one”–you know, no zeroes or fives at the end. Then we thought better of it and decided they’re ALL big ones. SO, here’s to many more.

The other one was the monthly dr. visit. Another treatment series down. And I’m on an “every other month” routine visit with Dr. Smith. I still do the injection and shot next month, but don’t have to see him again til December. YEA! (no offense to Dr. Smith).

Mike was gone Thurs.-Sunday last week at a conference. Missed him, but Lucy, Sebastian and I did fine. I worked some Saturday, visiting classes and at Halloween Fest, so I was too busy to miss him a lot (yeah, right!) It’s my favorite time of year out there. We went up to Bardstown last weekend for the fall craft show, along with friends. It was a great fall day, even though it was hot out. What a great way to celebrate life.

Everyone have a great week. Mike and I love you all.

(Best wishes to Emily Weeks on her marriage! Sorry we couldn’t be there!)

Anne & Mike