quick update – November 25, 2013

For those not on Facebook, here is a quick update. I had my first treatment today. It went well. They were able to use the port for labs and administration (super yea, said the veins).

pre-meds are holding their own. I’ve had no nausea since treatment. I also had an iv dose of steroids, so I feel pretty good tonight. We’ll know how I tolerate it in the next few days. Just whisper a little prayer.

We were home by 12:40, in time for a nap (sort of–after steroids it was a strange – dream kind of nap). Mike even got to go into work for a while.

We continue to thank everyone. And I will reiterate here, those nurses are the most wonderful people. They are so caring and compassionate. But they also make everyone laugh and feel good while there. It’s a gift. A true gift.

We’ll keep you updated. Thanks.

Anne and Mike