Thanksgiving – November 29, 2013

Happy Day After Thanksgiving Day. (not Black Friday–it’s too pretty out there)

We have had a nice holiday and want to wish everyone a blessed time. Whether you are with your family and friends, or just spoke to them long distance, or even just thought of them, I hope your day has been pleasant. I’ve enjoyed reading posts on FB about the good family times–hectic, quiet, insane, peaceful. All funny; all entertaining. Thanks.

Quick update: Dr. Smith had warned that 4 or 5 days out would be crunch time. As I told a friend, he knows his business. We’ve hit the muscle aches and sore throats the last couple of days. Time to lay low, for sure. It’s not unbearable, by any means. Don’t let me imply that. Just very uncomfortable. I’m likely to hunker down on my couch upstairs and stay there. With my dog, of course. Poor Mikey. The DVR is downstairs. 🙂 I’ll shoo him away later, if he wants to catch up on things.

We have so much to be thankful for, despite circumstances. There so many good friends out there that have done so much for us. We truly appreciate all of you. First Choice got the battery pack oxygen in, so I have a little more freedom to move around (once the soreness goes away, for sure). We were treated to a wonderful dinner last night, by good friends. And if I’m up to it Saturday we’ll go to another friend’s house. I have to be very careful this time, though. This weekend is the highest risk of infection, so I may have to just stay in. We’ll see……. Let me add in here: the nurse practitioner has taken time to call me twice this week and check on me. Including yesterday, on Thanksgiving. They are very thorough and caring people.

I don’t really have a lot to say. I just wanted to check in and wish everyone a good day. As I just said on FB, thank heaven for the technology we have today. I have had so many messages on text, email, messaging, etc. I still feel connected to everyone and enjoy seeing everyone out there. Keep on posting!

Love to everyone. Go eat more turkey and take another nap. But stay away from the madness that is Black Friday. Some of those folks are insane! tee hee