February 19, 2011

Spell-a-Bration is in the can for 2011. Yea! The Community Education staff rocked it out and got it done. I hated to miss it, but just couldn’t have done it this year. Would have been more of a hindrance than help, that’s for sure.

Friday’s visit to Dr. Smith went OK. Mike and I went over at 11:00. Dr. Smith is as confused by this as we are. Given the recent scan results (little or no change), and lab results (again, little or no change), we are still trying to figure out what’s causing the severe back pain. I did begin to feel achy and almost fluish Thursday evening. Though I don’t think I’ve had much, if any, fever. And I DID have my flu shot! However, I know flu and other viruses can manifest themselves in many ways. A good friend had it a couple of weeks ago and she said she just HURT. Sounds right to me. Anyway, we still don’t know if this really is an injury, or an illness or infection. And even without the rash, I am still reminded of how shingles can affect oncology patients. The pain would fit………….we’ll see.

Well, Dr. Smith has to go out of town next week, so he wants me to have an MRI asap. The machine is down at Graves Gilbert, so his nurse called Medical Center. By golly, in their world asap means asap. I go Sunday morning at 7:00 a.m. (yawn) That does NOT mean it’s an emergency. It means he will have time to get the results before he leaves town mid-week. I love my doctor. He is a force to be reckoned with, and he gets things done. 🙂

Meanwhile, there wasn’t anything else to replace the steroids. So, I’ve just taken pain meds for the last couple of days. Maintenance! Bed rest is helping some. It is definitely not as bad as Tuesday when I couldn’t bend at all or open a drawer without grimacing. It’s just left me very weak (again like flu or virus) and wimpy. Lots of time in bed with the laptop, remote, and magazine. And napping off and on.

Now back to the spelling bee. I have to tell everyone that I have such wonderful friends and such a terrific support system. Friends jumped in to help, from everywhere. And Julie Pride (complete with entire family) went to the bee and did a play-by-play text thing all night. I knew when the words entered, when the teams entered, who missed what word, who wore what, and on and on. As fast as she could type, I was kept up to speed. Not as good as seeing everyone’s smiling face, but definitely good. So cool! And her family worked like Trojans. THANKS, Prides. And thanks to all our friends. I am constantly reminded how fortunate we are to have people who are so giving and so caring. You are a blessing in our lives. One that washes over my being like a sunny day. THANK YOU.

I’ve been sitting up for about 3 hours, which must mean naptime. ;-} Yep, weak as a kitten for a while. I know this has been rambling and disjointed. Partly due to being tired. Partly due to constant medication. This, too, shall pass.

We will keep you all posted. Meanwhile, thank you all again. And everyone go hug someone and love someone. You never know whose day you are brightening with the slightest gesture.